Drain Problems – Try Cleaning it yourself

Drain Cleaning Machine

You are aware of what the drain problems can provide you, are you not? A smelly, messy, and nasty case put together to give you a headache. No one wants to volunteer to do it except the plumbers that create great among of income with a job that no one dares to accept. 

The best way of handling a drain problem is to not have one, but when your plumbing system is clogged, you can solve it by the following steps below: 

Water is the key. The basics of the drainage system are carried out by water. It goes through the appliances and sinks to the exits of the spouts of homes by gravity. This method pushes the water inside the pipes with a maximum size of 4 inches diameter. The size depends on the hole in the wall. 

Learn how to unclog a sink or drain

1. Each fixture is equipped with a drain that has a trap made of drainpipe curves. They hold a minimum amount of water that seals the pipe to prevent gas from the sewer to flow back into the house. These are also helpful in catching objects that have been accidentally fallen in the drain such as rings, hair nets, etc. that can still be rescued with a wrench to remove the trap. This process will also help in clearing out the way of where the clog has been built. 

2. Double-check for signs of sluggish drains. It’s efficient to remove the clog on a slow drain than with one that has a big clog and caused the water to stop entering through. If the drain is slow, place water on the pipe to slowly unclog the grease that has built up. Clean the stopper or drain trap because they also have grease and they can contribute to the accumulation of mold and bacteria inside the drain. 

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3. When you are using a plunge, place a wet, thick cloth and seal it with a rubber band to create vacuum-like equipment. Pick one with a large suction cup to cap the drain fully and make the small dome locked of air. Press out any trapped air under the cup of the plunger with 15 up to 20 hard pumping strokes to let the clog dissipate on its own. 

4. You can use a plumbing snake. It is a steel cable that is flexible enough to fit itself in drain pipes and push out clogs, which makes it one of the most efficient tools to use in drainage problems. 

5. You can use a closet auger for toilet traps. It uses a hand crank that you can rotate and plunge inside a tight trap. 

6. If many drains are clogged, then your problem is the main drainage system. You should find the plugs on your basement or sides of the house. 

7. If you need a liquid clog remover, choose the thicker ones because it might just let the water drain, but the clog is still there. The thicker chemical cleaners stick on the insides of the pipe and give it the advantage to make contact with the block and remove it with its properties. Allow to let it stays for 30 minutes then wash it with running water. So, there are some of the basics on how you can clean a clog by yourself. Maybe most of the time you are unsuccessful with this, that is why you are just letting it clog for the rest of the day. Clogged drains will really frustrate you and get the most out of your nerves. First of all, you do not want to clean it manually because it is a dirty job to do, and you may scream “eww” for the rest when you are cleaning drains in a manual manner. You might end up splashing water on your skin with anywhere on your parts of the body, and you may find it really gross. This is why you should never do it on your own. 

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Hire a professional plumber

You should contact a professional plumber or drain expert to help you with your clogged sink, toilet, pipe or drain. Never attempt to open those sophisticated plumbing systems on your own because you will not want to be in contact with every bacteria, virus, and fungi that have been lingering in there for a period. They will lead to diseases that you do not want to have in the future. Of all the diseases on this planet, the waterborne ones are hazardous. They are not microscopic creatures to mess with. 

You do not want your family to experience a disease that is waterborne and will probably infect everyone in your household, so never hesitate to contact an expert on the plumbing to help you out. They will let you be in a relaxed state because they will be the ones to take charge of all the problems of your drains and will probably be the one to fix the future drainage problems they see already. You might be in hesitation because of the money that you will spend, but you should always think of what is practical, safe and secure for everyone and is cheap, just look at these Stanley Steamer prices. When there is a first sign of clogging, contact the professional plumbing services immediately so that you will not have to cause more clogged water and accumulation of biological microorganisms on your lavatory, toilet, or bathroom floor. 

Never let it be clogged for a day. There is a high risk of disease that might infect your child if it is not treated accordingly. If it is already clogged, do not use it first because if you keep on using it, it will create more puddle of diseases, and you might even be the host of it. To answer if you can clean it by yourself, yes, you really can. But there is a catch. You are never sure if you have eradicated the problem already. This is why an expert is needed in order to clean out from the surface to the main drain pipes of your system so that you can now be relieved of the water, air, and surrounding around you and your family.

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