Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving out a checklist is done when you are moving out of your dormitory or apartment, and there are many of the utilities inside to clean first. It is a checklist that allows you to know what are all the needed actions to complete your move out of the action. 

Move-out cleaning service

Move out checklist

Your rent

Always pay for it on time. Once your rent is already paid for your last stay of the month, stop paying your rental fees if you set it as a to pay checklist. 

Your utilities

You should keep your utilities named on your behalf until the expiration of your rent. Always double check to notify your utility companies of your rent deadline. If you are paying for the sewage, always provide evidence of payment with the receipt, or they will give you an extra charge. 

Rent expiration

Always take note that your rent expires at 11 pm on the last day of the month. If you failed to leave your apartment or dorm within your deadline, they would charge again you for a rent equal to a month’s worth. 

Be sure you don’t forget stuff

Objects that you have left on the apartment or hotel. The garbage company will not get your electronic devices like televisions or laptops. You should dispose of all of them properly with the landlord’s rules. They require the bulk items for a scheduled pickup so contact your landlady or landlord immediately before placing it in the trash can. They will charge you for every item you left behind that they need to dispose of with, so always double-check that they remove the objects from your premises with the garbage collector taking in all trashes before your vacancy deadline. 

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Cleaning your carpet

You should clean your carpets with professional expertise; We should see no spot and stains, services like Stanley carpet cleaning can be of great help. It should be the last one to be cleaned before you leave your dorm or apartment. Do not enter anymore when your carpet has been steam-cleaned. An additional fee will be given if you did not get your carpet to be cleaned before leaving your unit. 

Always return the key.

Always give your keys to your landlady or landlord. Leave it on the counter for staff to collect it. A charge will be given if you did not return the keys on the date of your vacancy. 

Your storage unit

Always double check if you left any object in your storage unit. 

Charges for cleaning

This includes the refrigerator and oven cleaning, shower scum, ceiling fan, cabinet, light, cupboards. They extend it with a thorough cleaning of your stove, freezer, microwave, exhaust, air conditioner, dishwasher, windows, doors, blinds, bathroom, and radiators. Do not turn off your refrigerator and put it in on a low level. They should clean the tiles. If it is a wooden floor, wax it. Set the thermostat to 60 degrees F on winter and 78 degrees F in summer on Auto. Close the lights and blinds. Lock all doors and windows. They should clean lawns and terraces off of debris. 

Move Out Checklist Conclusion

Here is your brief move out checklist. You need this to know if the rules are on your rented unit on the first day of your stay to your last day of vacancy. The move out checklist is needed and is from your respective unit, dorm, apartment. There are instructions here that you should not do by yourself and just pay the staff to do it for you because it is with precautionary measures. For example, the part of your carpet cleaning. It is upholstery cleaning. You should not do that by yourself because you are exposing yourself to allergens, bacteria, fungi, viruses that will gravely affect your health. Before trying to hire a professional cleaning service, try to get a quote using coupons from Stanley Steemer.

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Also, the chemicals that you will be using are not human-friendly and will cause a lot of damage to your respiratory tract, blood vessels, and nerves. The move out checklist will be like planned for you, but already know what to do or not to do when you are staying in a condo unit, apartment or dorm. If you need a staff to be of help to you, never hesitate to ask. The chances are they have been there for a few years of their life and know what to do with your recently vacated room. The best advice for you is to rent on a unit, apartment or dorm that will be good for your financial aspect. 

If you do not need it, just stay at home. But if it is a great necessity, you can always contact the nearest staff to help you with cleaning out and helping you get the place tidy and neat as you first entered the room. You should not do it all by yourself because you have so many things there that need much help. You should not let electrical equipment be left behind because they might cause a short circuit or fire on your unit. Call a truck mover of items so you can have ease of moving everything from one place to another. This will not only help you with efficient use of time but also you will help the truck driver have a profit. It will relieve you of so many hassles when you do the easier touch of calling particular companies to help you with your move out.

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The move out checklist should let you be at ease with the things that you should remember apart from your work or school duties. This is where the work of many hotline companies that has particular expertise on a field can also be of great help to you on cleaning and moving out so that you can go back already to your work or school deadlines and not be bothered by the moving out phase of your life anymore. Always remember that when you are not sure as to how something should be done, ask an expert or professional about it and do it for you.